Your house usually needs work before it goes on the market. Most likely you will paint, and replace those outdated cabinets. The list can be long and overwhelming. Cosmetic damage includes things such as scuffed floors or peeling paint. They don’t interfere with the function of your home, although they do make it look run-down. A smart home buyer knows to look beyond that.What To Do and What Not To Do When Selling Your Home

If your kitchen is woefully outdated or your bathroom is painted a terrible color, it doesn't matter.  Many buyers these days look forward to remodeling these areas, trying to second-guess what they want and have it there waiting for them is just plain unrealistic, given all the home decor styles there are to choose from today. If you do decide your kitchen and bathroom are so bad they’re worth redoing, don’t go halfway. Unless you can redo a whole kitchen, don’t bother with partial fixes. Older cabinets with brand-new granite countertops only highlight the old.

Color trends come and go so fast, what might look great today will look dated tomorrow or, even if they’re totally hip, might not appeal to large swaths of buyers anyway.

Moving into a new house is all about imagining what life will be like somewhere else. The last thing you want to show them is that life is exactly the same in your house as it is in theirs. For the time being try and minimize everything so that when your property photos are taken, and when viewings take place, it’s easier to tidy around and take away that day-to-day life that all of us have. Your home is a private space away from the rest of the world, but having so much of your personality on show will both distract the buyer from looking at the space available and could possibly make them feel uncomfortable invading your privacy. Try and make the buyers feel welcome and want to stay there while visualizing themselves in the space. Keep a few key items on show, but pack away the rest ready for moving.

Getting prepared now will be worth it when you get that all-important sale. Don’t underestimate the impact that first impressions have on a potential buyer's likelihood of making an offer on your home. A well-maintained exterior signal to buyers that the interior has probably been similarly well maintained. Trim trees, lay fresh mulch, hose down the walkways, and pressure-wash dirty surfaces if necessary. Little improvements, such as upgrading an old light fixture, replacing a rusty mailbox, or painting the front door, can go a long way.

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