Your house usually needs work before it goes on the market. Most likely you will paint, and replace those outdated cabinets. The list can be long and overwhelming. Cosmetic damage includes things such as scuffed floors or peeling paint. They don’t interfere with the function of your home, although they do make it look run-down. A smart home buyer knows to look beyond that.What To Do and What Not To Do When Selling Your Home

If your kitchen is woefully outdated or your bathroom is painted a terrible color, it doesn't matter.  Many buyers these days look forward to remodeling these areas, trying to second-guess what they want and have it there waiting for them is just plain unrealistic, given all the home decor styles there are to choose from today. If you do decide your kitchen and bathroom are so bad…

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The easiest time you'll ever have to deep clean your entire house is right before you move in. Without any of your belonging to tidy or move out of the way, you can begin your life in your new home with a sparkling clean slate by setting aside some time for a cleaning day. There are many tasks that will become exponentially more time consuming or annoying after move in, like cleaning behind appliances, wiping out drawers, or shampooing carpets, so do yourself a favor and tackle them before the moving truck arrives.

To take one item off your mental load, we have put together a move-in cleaning checklist to help. Your future self will thank you!

SuppliesMove-in Cleaning Checklist

First things first: supplies. Because you will ideally be conducting this move-in cleaning…

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Can you do it? Sure! Should you? Well…. That’s always up for debate. Of course, as a real estate agent, you’ll think I’m going to say ‘no’ but there are more reasons than my paycheck for which I’m suggesting.

Here’s what you need to know about selling a house yourself.What You Need to Know About Selling Your Home Yourself

Legal Issues

You need to know some legal issues. Selling a house is a big purchase and sale and if you are not fully aware of all the details that go into a transaction you may find yourself in a world of hurt. It’s not as simple as selling a car. You can’t simply hand over the keys and deed and get a wad of cash in exchange. Most buyers will have to finance and you’ll need to have that approved ahead of time. You don’t want to be sitting at the closing table only to discover the…

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If you are a lucky person that owns a home in a very desirable area it is a great feeling. You made a wise investment in the purchase of your home and should you decide to sell someday all signs point to a very profitable home sale.Getting Offers on Your Home When Its Not Listed

Right now, homeowners in the most desirable neighborhoods across the country have not found it uncommon to receive communication from interested buyers even when their home is not for sale while inventory remains very low.

Some homeowners have reported receiving offers to purchase their home in the form of receiving a postcard in their mailbox, a flyer slipped underneath their front door, or even a phone call. These people are hoping to catch a homeowner living in their dream neighborhood before they actually list their…

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5 Things Luxury Buyers are Looking for in Vacation Homes

The ideal vacation can look different to every person. When it comes to vacation homes today’s high-end real estate buyers are elevating their expectations of what they expect a holiday property to look like and provide.

There are five items that luxury buyers are looking for when they shop for their next vacation home

Tranquil outdoor spaces where they can detox from digital items

Most Americans across the country lead very busy lives and this is certainly true of luxury homebuyers. An ideal and perfect vacation is often one where someone can turn off their phone and other devices and enjoy their outdoor surroundings in peace.

Locations that have amazing outdoor spaces that are luxurious, lush, and private are at the top of many luxury…

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Housing Records Set in 2021

Over the past year, the real estate market saw several housing records hit a new level. Many of these are attributed to the strange and unexpected changes that were driven by the pandemic and how it had an impact on several areas of the economy and daily life.

Here are 10 of the housing records that hit a new number in 2021 according to research conducted by Redfin.

The average home sold for almost $400,000

The national median home sale price had an all-time high. The number as of June 2021 was an astounding $386,000 which is an increase of 24.4% from the previous year. And those numbers are not currently the all-time high. 2021 hit another record towards the end of the year due to double digit percentage increases.

Home supply drops to…

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Is Twilight Photography a Good Idea for Listings?


While you don't have to do much besides throw a real estate sign in your front yard these days before getting it sold, photography is still the best way to make up a perfect first impression of a listing. Even though real estate listings are selling like hotcakes right now, we still can't stress the importance of having the right photographs and listing photographs can definitely make or break that first impression. Recently, twilight photography is making a huge comeback with beautiful photos taken it shows up perfect time of day. Not only is it showcasing the home at a unique light level, but the surrounding sky and layout as well.

What is twilight photography?

Twilight photography is…

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4 Key Outdoor Amenities to Have in a Luxury Home

With more of us working from home and spending time at home, the amount of on-site amenities has become more important than ever as well as the quality. However, we don't want to spend our entire lives indoors so looking for outdoor amenities and entertainment options has become a priority in many homebuyers looking in the luxury real estate market. If you're planning on listing your property or just doing some research on what's out there in the Marco Island real estate market, here are four key outdoor amenities to have in a luxury home.

4 key outdoor amenities to have in a luxury Marco Island home

#1. Separate outdoor zones.

While we may love our family, we don't want to spend 24 hours a day with them so having some separate outdoor zones is a great…

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