Is Twilight Photography a Good Idea for Listings?


While you don't have to do much besides throw a real estate sign in your front yard these days before getting it sold, photography is still the best way to make up a perfect first impression of a listing. Even though real estate listings are selling like hotcakes right now, we still can't stress the importance of having the right photographs and listing photographs can definitely make or break that first impression. Recently, twilight photography is making a huge comeback with beautiful photos taken it shows up perfect time of day. Not only is it showcasing the home at a unique light level, but the surrounding sky and layout as well.


What is twilight photography?

Twilight photography is pictures taken of the home that are usually captured around dusk when there's plenty of colors dancing through the sky. Their ideal showcase of property by highlighting features like swimming pools with great reflections, fire pits that are crisp and vibrant, beautiful views, and sunsets. However, not everyone can take twilight photography. This type of photography requires extensive skill, multiple flash exposures, and a little bit of editing magic to create the beautiful photo you expect.

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What can twilight photography do to my listing?

Twilight photography can draw and prospective buyers, especially in a competitive housing market. A twilight photo can really highlight unique pictures and stand out among all the other pictures of homes in the daytime. It can bring out the natural beauty of the home's exterior and surrounding features like swimming pools and fire pits. It can create a premium and luxury feel. Twilight photography can make your home feel alive and at a luxurious flare and highlight things that typical non-luxury homes may not have.


It can sell your house faster and for more money.

Studies have shown that professionally photographed homes, especially with those with twilight photography can sell quicker and for thousands of more dollars than homes featuring amateur photos. Online searching and browsing is the critical step of the home buying process or 95% of homebuyers begin their search. It only makes sense to provide professional photos that will entice more potential buyers to the home. By choosing a professional photographer, especially including twilight photography, you're getting a premium professional photo that could speed up the selling process and get you more profit.

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It can showcase unique details and features not normally seen during the daytime.

This is a great way to highlight beautiful lighting that you have hanging across the backyard, a gorgeous fire pit, setting the stage against a beautiful pool, or adding glowing ambiance to the backyard painting a beautiful picture of how lively your home looks even after the sunsets. For luxury properties, it twilight photography can be implemented to showcase details such as lampposts, pathways, lighted entrances and landscape features such as lighted trees or shrubs. It can even make your home seem larger than it really is. Choosing to implement twilight photos into your property listing is not only a great idea but can serve you better by getting your home sold quicker and for more profit. For information on twilight photography or when listing and marketing your Marco Island luxury home, contact my office at any time

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